• Indulge

    Conjuring a sense of Oriental elegance, the 379 guestrooms and suites at Royal Wanxin, Shenyang offer a luxurious home away from home, serviced by legendary hospitality.

    Due to the distinct design of Wanxin Buiding, each room is unique and features floor-to-ceiling windows with stunning city views, complimentary high-speed WiFiInternet access, modern bathroom amenities and etc.

    A seamless fusion of refined materials, such as marble and silk, are blended with contemporary light wood, completing the urban cityscape. High-end technology sits comfortably alongside subtle luxury with features including automatic climate control that complements the building’s integrated sun-shielding and the patented, body-contouring Bed.

    The hotel's spacious suites are amongst the finest in the city and include personal butler service. Presidential Suites and Lady Suites offer the ultimate indulgence and have uninterrupted views across Shenyang's landmarks.

    Executive Club

    Executive Room

    Spec. Exec. Room

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